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Smudge - Sage / Palo Santo Mist

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Reiki and Crystal Charged. Our smokeless smudge will lighten the energy of any room within minutes. Clear your space, clear your aura, this stuff is amazing for empaths as well, it's a difference you can literally feel.

Blended with two different types of Sage, Palo Santo and Lemongrass essential oils you can skip the smoke of smudging and just spray away. This power packed blend is made with only the highest grade organically grown oils out there.

Organic Essential Oils: Clary Sage, Dalmation Sage, Palo Santo, Lemongass, Litsea.

Our smokeless spray is also supercharged with cleared and full moon charged:

Fluorite for it’s balancing nature and ability to radiate overall positivity.

Amethyst wards off psychic attack and calms anger.

Quartz also repels negativity, harmonizes the chakras, and amplifies all other properties within the blend.