Reiki Healing

A method of energy healing to reduce stress and induce relaxation...


Reiki energy is shared from the practitioner to the client by lightly placing the hands on and around the body.

During and after a healing session, a client may experience deep relaxation, pain relief, energetic balance, and a sense of well-being or overall improvement on a combination of levels.

Clients may experience energetic healing in the form of sensations like heat, tingling, or a pulsation where the Reiki Practitioner places their hands. Some clients feel sensations moving throughout their body, while others don't perceive any change at all.

Most clients feel very relaxed and peaceful during Reiki - some even fall asleep during their sessions.

Book a Session

RSVP a Reiki Session with Tiffany at Opal's on Fifth in Palmerton, where she regularly practices. To RSVP, call Opal's at 610-488-2932.

Reiki Rates:
$40 - 30 minutes
$75 - 60 minutes
$95 - 60 minute session in the Salt Room


 Opal's on Fifth
502 Delaware Ave, Palmerton, PA

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