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Smudge - Sage/Palo Santo Diffuser Blend

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Smudge is a unique blend of negative vibe busting essential oils that will lighten the energy of any room within minutes. It's a difference you can literally feel. Skip the smoke of smudging and just diffuse throughout the day.

This power packed blend is 100% pure, made with only the highest grade organically grown essential oils out there. Add 2-4 drops into your diffuser and let it do the work for you.

As a bonus the essential oils used within will naturally neutralize bacteria and other impurities in the air and leave the room smelling fresh.

Smudge features: clary sage, dalmatian sage, palo santo, lemongrass and litsea essential oils.

Our oils are unadulterated, free of synthetics and entirely pure. New Earth Essentials is an eco-conscious company and we choose sustainable practices whenever possible from soil to bottle.

Like most of our products, this has been Reiki infused and Crystal Charged by Certified Reiki Practitioner Tiffany Silfies of New Earth Essentials, LLC. And this spray is organic, vegan, chemical free and housed in eco-friendly glass.