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New Earth Essentials, LLC

Mystical Merlinite spheres (Indigo Gabbro)

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Merlinite is known to be a stone of duality. It speaks about light and dark, and the black and white. It’s a seemingly simple stone that can attract good luck and powerful magic into your life.

This mystical stone is available in 2 sizes:
Smaller size: Approximately 5cm
Larger size: Approximately 6.5cm

It’s a stone that will invite you to discover the deeper and darker parts of your being.

Merlinite’s energies will also allow you to make use of the natural world’s energies. It’s a stone that can clear your psychic visions and enhance your spiritual energy.

Like most of our crystals, this piece is Reiki infused by Certified Reiki Practitioner Tiffany Silfies of New Earth Essentials, LLC.