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New Earth Essentials, LLC

Money Ritual Oil

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Our Money ritual blend is a delicious and inviting scent reminiscent of a deep chai it is strong, warm, and delicious. This commanding scent is blended with herbs and minerals that have similar properties. This blend vibrationally aligns with our own ability to call in and pave the way for abundance to flow.

All blends are infused with Reiki energy and can be used in numerous ways:
Bath oil
Body oil
Ritual anointing oil for candles and magickal items.

It's like a choose your own magickal adventure book in a bottle!

The oils: ginger, cinnamon bark, sweet orange, vanilla, clove, frankincense

The minerals: pyrite, emerald, citrine, tiger's eye, green aventurine

The herbs: cinnamon stick, cloves, thyme

Like most of New Earth Essential's products, this blend is organic, vegan, chemical free and housed in eco-friendly glass.