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Beauty Sleep - Restful essential oil blend

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Beauty Sleep - Restful Blend, is an all natural sleep remedy that calms the mind and body allowing you to drift off to sleep in the most natural way possible.

Inhale the aromatic compounds of Lavender, chamomile, cedarwood, with sweet orange and vanilla. Next apply to the back of the neck or bottoms of feet as needed allowing it to pass into the bloodstream and work its magic in the body, naturally!

This blend has also been charged with sodalite, amethyst, fluorite, and tiger's eye crystals due to their calming properties.

Blend comes safely prediluted and ready to roll on with moisturizing organic fractionated coconut oil.

All blends are housed in eco friendly glass bottles that also come with a steel roller ball that make the oils easier to apply. Like most of our products, this has been Reiki infused by Certified Reiki Practitioner Tiffany Silfies of New Earth Essentials, LLC.

Therapeutic grade essential oils in this blend include:

Vetiver, a naturally occurring sedative is distilled from the root, giving this oil a heavy grounding quality. So grounding in fact that it is often compared to a tranquilizer, you will feel like your melting, but in a good way!

Wild orange, believe it or not wild orange is great for insomnia. Orange encourages us to let go of the day and focus on resting the mind. As a bonus, it boosts the immune system.

Calming blend is a blend of lavender, cedarwood, ho wood, Roman chamomile, vanilla, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and marjoram. This mix of oils promotes feelings of tranquility. It calms stress, anxiety, fear, agitation, and overall irritability allowing one to float off into a deep blissful sleep. Not only is this oil great for tension of the mind but aids in the relief of muscle tension as well.

Note: these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.