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Focus Pocus - Thinking Blend

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Focus Pocus - Thinking Blend, is an organic essential oil blend that helps to naturally boost mental clarity, improve memory and focus the mind. This blend has an herbal base scent of rosemary with earthy undertones of patchouli, clary sage, and frankincense.

The aromatic constituents start to work instantly, upon topical application it will have entered the body through the skin and be distributed throughout every cell of the body within 15-30 minutes. This is when the magic really begins.

Apply to the back of the neck, behind the ears, on the temples or on the bottoms of feet. (It's your preference). Apply as often as needed.

Blend comes safely prediluted and ready to roll on with moisturizing organic fractionated coconut oil.

All blends are housed in eco-friendly glass bottles that also come with a steel roller ball that make the oils easier to apply.

Like most of our products, this has been Reiki infused and Crystal Charged by Certified Reiki Practitioner Tiffany Silfies of New Earth Essentials, LLC.

Therapeutic grade essential oils in this blend include:

Rosemary is a natural stimulant that improves overall brain function. It improves memory, focus and combats mental fatigue.

Patchouli is a grounding oil that aids focus by bringing the mind and body back to the present moment.

Clary Sage is the oil of clarity and vision. It allows the mind to think clearly by cleaning out mental blocks and allowing creative channels to flow freely.

Frankincense naturally aids focus and is often used during meditation for this very reason. It is also an amplifier, charging all other oils within this blend.

Think is reiki charged and infused with the following crystals.

Lapis Lazuli for its ability to aid brain function, promote peace, and improve focus.

Sodalite aids in mental clarity as it calms the overworked mind.

Fluorite is a known learning aid since it boosts memory, as a bonus it helps neutralize stress.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA