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Speak your Truth - Throat Chakra Blend

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The Throat Chakra powers our self expression, creativity and the artistic side. The ability for one to speak their truth and express authenticity radiates from this chakra. When this chakra is open and within alignment we are able to express ourselves in all areas of our lives with ease.

This organic essential oil blend vibrationally supports and encourages correct throat chakra alignment.

For an extra kick, it is charged with Sodalite for it's ability to enhance communication and filter negative thought patterns, and Lapis Lazuli for it's ability to increase self awareness and even soothe physical ailments that may manifest in the throat due to energetic blockages.

This blend is the perfect combo of lavender and spearmint with a small punch of pink pepper base.

Directions for use: apply to the throat area several times a day or as often as needed. During application it helps to visualize this vibrant blue energy center absorbing this beneficial blend and integrating it for the highest good.

Organic essential oils in this blend include:

Spearmint encourages inner clarity about one's personal convictions and opinions. It then assists individuals in translating that inner clarity into words.

Lavender the oil of communication aids verbal expression, calming insecurities and encouraging healthy expression.

Pink Pepper vibrates to the throat chakra bolstering courage and preparing one to take action and speak their truth.

Cypress moves stuck energy encouraging motion, flow, and overall adaptability.

Blend comes prediluted and ready to roll on with moisturizing organic fractionated coconut oil.

All bottles also come with a steel roller ball that makes the oils easier to apply. Like most of our products, this has been Reiki infused by Certified Reiki Practitioner Tiffany Silfies of New Earth Essentials, LLC.