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New Earth Essentials, LLC

Tummy - Digestive Blend

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Reiki & Crystal Charged. Tummy, the digestive blend naturally helps digestive issues of all kinds.

-gas -bloating -indigestion
-diarrhea -constipation

Tummy, digestive blend is charged with red jasper, sodalite, obsidian, and quartz crystals due to their known healing affects on the digestive system.

Apply directly to the area of discomfort as needed allowing it to pass into the bloodstream and work its magic in the body, naturally!

Blend comes prediluted and ready to roll on with moisturizing organic fractionated coconut oil.
All bottles also come with a steel roller ball that makes the oils easier to apply.

Therapeutic grade essential oils in this blend include:

Ginger has been used as a natural digestive remedy for centuries. It naturally calms indigestion, nausea, and reflux. Ginger also has subtle laxative like properties aiding the body in expelling the cause of the problem and relieving symptoms of constipation.

Peppermint, due to its anti-inflammatory properties naturally calms bloating. It is also a natural pain killer that tames the discomfort of indigestion. It's cooling affects work to cool heartburn and it's antispasmodic abilities stop cramping at it's source.

Fennel fights nausea and gas. Just like peppermint it also stops cramping in it's tracks. It's diuretic properties flush the digestive system of any toxins that may be the root of the discomfort.

Coriander relieves symptoms of gas and nausea. It's analgesic properties naturally relieve pain, even pain and cramping caused by food poisoning.

Star anise, another digestive oil also calms stomach discomfort and has been used since ancient times to decrease and often all together stop diarrhea symptoms.

Note: these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.