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Feel the Love - Intimacy Bundle

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Reiki and Crystal Charged.

Our Feel the Love, Intimacy bundle is titillating to the senses, magic to our sexual connectedness, crystal charged, and organic too! This combo is perfect for spicing things up, naturally. The trio includes our Love Potion - Libido blend, Sensual Sheets- XOXO linen mist, and our Red Hot Cinnamon Kissable Love Balm.

Read on for more info on each:

Love Potion - the libido blend is an all natural way to rekindle any fire for both men and women. Not having issues getting in the mood? This blend is for you too! It will amplify and supercharge that oven, for sure. Apply once a day to the inner thighs, several times a day for particularly tough cases. Blend comes prediluted and ready to roll on with moisturizing organic fractionated coconut oil.

Red hot cinnamon love balm is a welcomed and fun organic addition to any bedroom. This delicious essential oil infused balm melts instantly when massaged into the skin, encouraging yummy all over kisses that leave the skin smooth and moisturized. This balm features Cinnamon bark, an incredibly powerful love stimulant and Cassia, this oil of confidence washes away shy emotions and brings out the lion (or lioness)! It dispels fear and replaces it with self assuredness, ROAR! For an extra kick it is now charged with rose quartz!

Looking for a natural way to invoke more xo's? Sensual sheets is an essential oil based blend that can do just that! All oils in this blend were carefully selected to harness desire and feelings of connectedness, plus they smell great too!

For an extra kick this blend is charged with rose quartz to bring on the love vibes. Spray liberally on bed sheets and let the natural fragrance stimulate the senses and get the juices flowing.

Our products are vegan, chemical free and housed in eco friendly glass.