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Clear the Vibes Smudge bundle

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Reiki and Crystal Charged.

The Clear the Vibes Bundle features our signature organic & crystal charged 2oz Smudge spray and 5ml pure essential oil blend. Also included is the more traditional, sustainably grown and harvested palo santo and white sage stick.

Our smokeless smudge features clary sage, dalmatian sage, palo santo, lemongrass and litsea essential oils. Our organic smokeless smudge spray is also reiki and full moon crystal charged with Quartz, Fluorite, and Amethyst. Fluorite for it’s balancing nature and ability to radiate overall positivity. Amethyst wards off psychic attack and calms anger. Quartz also repels negativity, harmonizes the chakras, and amplifies all other properties within the blend.

Our Smudge diffuser blend is a 100% pure & organic essential oil blend of the above mentioned oils: clary sage, dalmation sage, palo santo, lemongrass and litsea. Add a few drops of this blend to any diffuser and allow it to clear and cleanse the vibes for you! Easy Peasy and smokeless!

Our products are vegan, chemical free and housed in eco friendly glass.