Hi, I'm Tiffany and I'm a mom who has a passion for wellness. I began this journey by combining my two biggest passions.... essential oils and crystals. I first made these products for my family and found myself encouraged to share them with others. Following this passion further has led me to become a certified Usui Reiki master. I have since combined both this healing art with the therapeutic products I love to create and share. 


 A little more about New Earth Essentials: New Earth Essentials provides Reiki services as well as organic, Reiki, and crystal infused essential oil based products. All crystals are cleared of previous energy and charged under the full moon before being added to their blends. These crystals are then selected based upon their healing properties and added to our products in order to amplify efficiency. All oils are organic and sustainably sourced as well as subjected to third party testing to ensure the highest therapeutic quality available on the market. All products are vegan, chemical free and housed in eco friendly glass.